KwikSew 2334 Review


I had this pattern, and finding the review request on urged me to make it up and review it:

I have made these briefs for my DH three time already, however, I never followed the directions exactly. Since my DH mostly wears pull-on casual shorts with elastic waist, he told me before I started that the front flap assembly looked like way too much work. How kind of him! He suggested that I simply make that area with a double layer, since he's mostly concerned with "supporting the package."

In tracing off the pattern, I put the center front on the fold, and made the center back into a 1/4-inch seam. I then made a pattern piece for the front panel. The smaller pattern piece you see here is the second version of the front panel pattern. The vertical curve is a little flatter, allowing for more fabric in that area.

This shows the front panel piece on top of the main piece, and you can see that there is more fabric in that area now than as originally designed.

First Pair - The first pair is made of white single knit cotton from sacrificed printed T-shirts. I made up a front overlay pattern piece as above, but narrower, like the original pattern. I laid the center front of the main pattern piece and the overlay piece on the fold.

The first thing I did was stitch this panel to the front with a three-step zigzag stitch from the wrong side, held in place first with fusible thread. Doing this flat made it very easy. I stitched the back seam then the crotch seam on the serger, with both front layers still together (the pattern calls for enclosing the back piece between the two front layers, as one would do for ladies' panties). The crotch seam was then pressed towards the back and tied down with a three-step zigzag stitch. I decided to be brave and try the self-fabric trim for the leg openings. It was not difficult, but my DH decided that the leg openings are not tight enough and that there's not the support that he needs. The elastic waistband was seamed at the back and applied as instructed.

Second Pair - The next pair was made of a green single knit from my stash. I decided to try elastic around the leg openings. The new overlay pattern piece was created to put a little more fabric in the crotch area. To get more fabric, the crotch area was cut with my redesigned panel pattern piece on top of the main piece. Both the main piece and the front panel piece were cut on the fold.

In assembly, I fused the crotch piece onto the main piece, being careful to match the center fronts. Then I used the three-step zigzag stitch from the wrong side. The back seam and the under-crotch seam were then stitched on the serger.

The leg openings are finished with 1/4-inch elastic stitched to the wrong side with a three-step zigzag, turned to the wrong side, and top-stitched with a medium zigzag stitch. I remembered to cut the elastic less than the opening - 24 inches elastic for the 28-inch opening. This was overlapped as I sewed it on. The waist elastic was seamed, then applied to the briefs with two rows of zigzag stitching. My DH likes this pair better than the white pair, so I decided to make another pair.

Third Pair - The third pair was made of more of that green knit from my stash (= free!). I decided to cut this pair with center back on fold, and the two layers of the front would overlap from each side. To get more fabric, both sides of the crotch area were cut with the new panel pattern piece - one side with the two pattern pieces abutting, the other side with the new panel piece on top of the main piece.

In assembly, I fused the layers together on the ironing board before stitching, being careful to match the center fronts. When stitching down the panel piece, the loose edge of the overlap was placed on the feed dogs. Everything else was made in the same was as before, except that the waist elastic was overlapped instead of seamed at the center back. I felt this would be more secure.

Not only would I do this again, I must, as my DH has spent way too much money on briefs that don't fit, and there's plenty of prepaid (now, free!) fabric in my stash. Although he's a big-and-tall guy, his tush fit the size XXL of this pattern just fine.